María Susana Azzi – Cultural Anthropologist – Astor Piazzolla
November 3, 2017

MEMOIRS CG MAGAZINE is very honored to announce the upcoming story and interview with, renowned Cultural Anthropologist, María Susana Azzi. She is the foremost Scholar of Astor Piazzolla. She has written many articles and books on the true life and music of the great Argentinian and Tango Composer. And has traveled around the world to provide and present several lectures and conferences on the subjects of Tango, Argentina, Astor Piazzolla, and more. COMING SOON JANUARY 2018 ISSUE!

“Astor and I became close friends and were mutual admirers. It was a relationship that I will cherish forever. His music reflected and addressed my deepest feelings, and also my Italian roots. I think about him and his music every day, and I realize how profound his influence in my life has been.” – Al Di Meola”

Area of Research: Immigration / Tango / Astor Piazzolla / Argentina Methodology: On the basis of historical research and my own ethnographic fieldwork among tango people from the city of Buenos Aires, the interior of Argentina, and overseas (musicians, composers, dancers, choreographers, poets, singers, tangueros), I investigate the tango in order to understand the culture and social history of Argentina, the function of the tango as a means of bringing many disparate nationalities together, the virtual assimilation of the immigrant communities into Argentine society, and the impact of the tango on world music, dance, aesthetics, the arts, literature, drama and cinema. An anthropological research of the tango embodies the history of multiculturalism in Argentina and the recovery of social networks, symbols, and values of cultural identity (national, metropolitan, barrio, and gender identities).”


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